Friars Walk can help make a beautiful smile one of your best assets

How to make your smile one of your best assets

Not only is a beautiful smile attractive……

………………….Just look at celebrities, news readers and anyone working in TV or in the media these days and you will see that a beautiful smile, with clean and straight teeth seems to be the norm. Not only is a beautiful smile attractive, but it eludes a picture of health, success and confidence. They have recognised that a beautiful smile can be one of their best assets.

Many celebrities would have had treatments to include teeth straightening, cosmetic treatments, such as veneers crowns and whitening, to ensure their smile is nothing less than ‘perfect’. Of course these treatments can be provided although they can be quite expensive as well as invasive. Natural clean, straight white teeth are within easy reach.

Stain removal

Maybe you don’t want to consider any cosmetic treatment, the time, expense and need are not important to you. If so, you could still improve your smile with Just a few easy steps.  Surface staining from tea, coffee, red wine and smoking can look unsightly. A visit with our hygienist who will treat your teeth to a thorough clean and stain removal will immediately improve the appearance and health of teeth and gums.

Prophy Jet

We use a technique that fires a jet of powder and water mix to the surface of the teeth using a Prophy Jet that gently but effectively removes any staining. Particularly the stain that builds between the teeth which can be difficult to remove. This is then followed by the removal of any hard deposits called calculus or tartar, often the cause of bad breath, bleeding gums and eventual tooth loss. Just regular cleaning and maintenance can be sufficient to initially improve the appearance of your smile without taking any drastic measures.

Home Whitening

teeth whitening


However, if you would like to brighten your smile. Then follow this up with a course of home whitening. Using the latest whitening techniques we can offer you a home whitening kit, which includes a consultation, (to determine your expectation), upper and lowers impressions to provide models for whitening trays, as well as several syringes of whitening gel. You will be in full control of the number of times you whiten your teeth as well as the shade you are happy with. Full instructions on how to do this is provided. Ask Sarah our receptionist for details by contacting 0158 2638 908 or book a consultation using our online booking system.*

Special offer on home whitening available until 31st May 2015 now extended until 31st August 2015 –

We cannot guarantee that this will suddenly give you celebrity status, but we can help make your beautiful smile one of your best assets.

*online consultation requires a deposit