Teen Dental Problems


Friars Walk Dental Practice is here to help and advise

We all know that your teens are a time of great change and challenges! You are maturing into a young adult and your emotions and body undergo rapid shift; being a teen is pretty tough! That’s why worrying about your dental health can be sometimes just like another problem to add to the pile of adolescent life.

Teenagers can be tough on their teeth. They are so busy with school, jobs, sports and social activities and do not spare time what is required for proper dental care. They also tend to eat a lot of junk food. Just combine these two things and you’ve got a situation ripe for tooth decay. Not surprisingly teenagers develop a lot of tooth cavities.

At Friars Walk we understand the worries you face. That’s why we want to help you through this time of your life and we have put together a list of common dental concerns and how you can avoid them. We want you to come out of this with a bright and healthy smile and continue into adulthood.

Smoking and drinking

You may find yourself offered cigarettes or alcohol. Apart from being damaging to your health, both of these habits have specific risks for your dental health. Smoking can cause bad tooth staining, contributes towards gum disease and, far more seriously different cancers of the mouth. Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your dental health; please avoid at all costs.

Alcohol is generally very high in sugar. This high contribution can contribute to tooth erosion and tooth decay.

Playing sports

Being active is great, and many young people belong to sports clubs and team. However, when playing sports it pays to make sure that your teeth are protected from any potential damage, especially in sports such as hockey, rugby Playing sports that require a mouthguard should be followed up carefully – the best mouthguard is one that has been custom fitted by your dentist.

Making Time For Your Teeth – Top Tips for Teens

  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and at least one other time during the day, with fluoride toothpaste. Use toothpaste with a small- to medium-sized brush head with soft to medium bristles, and brush for two minutes.
  • Limited your sugary food and drinks.
  • Visit your dental team at least once a year, or as often as they recommend.
  • Clean in between your teeth with ‘interdental’ brushes or floss at least once a day, to help remove plaque and food from between your teeth.
  • Use mouthwash to freshen your breath and kill bacteria
  • Use a straw if you have fizzy drinks, as this helps the drink to go to the back of your mouth and reduces the numbers of acid attacks on your teeth.
  • Wait for at least one hour after eating or drinking anything acidic before you brush your teeth.
  • Chew sugar-free hum after eating to help make more saliva and cancel out the acids which form in your mouth after eating.

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