What You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

Thoughts have dramatically shifted over the last several years with many people now considering it as a ‘must have’ rather than a luxury.

With so many unqualified unregulated tooth whitening procedures available on the market it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of them

But what are the facts around tooth whitening that you really must know before going ahead with treatment? We have put together a handy guide to help you figure out what’s safe and what’s not when it comes to whitening your teeth.

The Decision!

So you have decided to get your teeth whitened. There are many reasons why you may have decided to do this. Everybody is different and very few people have brilliantly white teeth, they may become discolored with age or stained through the food and drink you consume. All you know is that you want them whiter.

Do your research!

There are many ways to get your teeth whitened, you may be tempted to try a supermarket whitening kit, while these are much safer than the unregulated whitening kits you can purchase on the internet they are also less effective. So don’t expect sparkling pearly whites after a few goes, and definitely don’t expect the same results as a professional, regulated tooth whitening service. Professional bleaching from your dentist is the most common and safest method.

Whitening is Safe! Depending where you have it done!

It is illegal for anyone other than a regulated dental professional to perform professional tooth whitening. You may see a sign up in your salon offering treatment but warned this may lead to all kinds of trouble and you are putting yourself at risk. A professional will discuss with you what treatment is appropriate to you and develop your treatment plan to give you your desired result.

How about the cost and Time?

The cost will vary on what treatment you decide to go for which will be discussed thoroughly with your dentist. We all want brilliant white teeth tomorrow! Usually treatment will take three to four weeks depending on your teeth – so all good things always come to those who wait!

How White!

Tooth whitening can only whiten your existing colour. Always get advice from your dentist to ensure that you are not disappointed. If you fall into this category and really must have whiter teeth, then veneers or crowns may be an option, but we will discuss this in detail.

Like any treatment teeth whitening should be maintained. To ensure your teeth stay exactly as you want the hard work is over to you. You can help keep your teeth white by cutting down on the amount of food and drinks you have that can stain teeth. Also stopping smoking will also help prevent discoloration and staining.

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