Do you suffer with cold sores?

Your dental treatment may have to be postponed but we can treat the cold sore using our Diode Healing Laser.


It is not advisable to have dental treatment if you currently have a cold sore or the beginnings of one. Apart from the discomfort it can put both yourself and the dentist at risk of spreading the virus.

Your dental treatment may have to be postponed but we can treat the cold sore using our Diode Healing Laser.

Most people get a tingling or burning sensation 24-36 hours prior to a cold sore developing. This is called the prodromal stage and is an ideal time to treat with the Diode Healing Laser and prevent from manifesting.

What we do?

You will be asked to wear protective eyewear while the Diode Healing Laser tip is directed at the lesion site for several short timed sequences, without touching directly. You may feel slight heat and tingling of the area being treated.

How it works

Treatment with the Diode Healing Laser seals the nerve endings giving immediate relief from itching, burning and tingling sensations. The Diode Healing Laser also bio-stimulates the area to encourage the energy producing portion of the tissue cell to be more efficient to mount its own defence, aiding quicker healing.

In the case of a herpetic lesion (cold sore) being at a stage of active, where it is weeping or has scally crust the Diode Healing Laser will destroy the viral particles and the lesion is transformed from active to healing stage. Lesions that have been treated with the Diode Healing Laser rarely recur but if they do, the outbreak is often less severe.

Treatment of one area will not change the outbreak frequency of other areas, they will need to be treated as well. Once treated the pain and discomfort stop and healing will occur over 4-6 days. There will rarely be any evidence that the procedure was done after and if a lesion recurs it will often be smaller or less severe.

Anti-viral topical medications are very helpful but neither will have the long term positive effect of the Diode Healing Laser treatment of the lesion.

Don’t forget to let the receptionist know if you think you feel that you either a getting a herpetic lesion (cold sore) or already have one.

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