Christmas News Letter 2016

Yes, Its Christmas Again 2016

I cannot believe how quickly the festive season arrives!

Oh Deer!
This year has been as busy as any other at the practice… On a day today basis everything was very much the norm up until early March when one of our hygienist Karen, had a very bad accident while out riding her bike. A rogue deer came from the trees and was hit by a car right in front of her, it then ended up flying through the air knocking Karen off her bike sending her hurtling across the road. Poor girl was then transferred to hospital where she had multiple fractures of her pelvis and shoulder. We were very concerned and although hygiene treatment continued at the practice we had to introduce locums to fill her seat. I would like to thank all you patients who came in during that time and accepted this and wished her well, we know It can be a bit daunting coming in to see us without finding you are seeing someone different.
Anyway, Karen being very fit and healthy made a rapid recovery and put in every effort to get back to work. I am pleased to say she was back with us within 8 weeks and has since got back into the saddle as they say.

CPD Update

This November staff at Friars Walk attended our annual training in basic life support, medical emergencies and defibrillator. Hopefully we will not have to put our skills into practice but it is good to know that you will always be in safe hands. We would like to thank Michelle Rose from Dental Buying Group for making it a very informative and engaging morning. The whole team felt very relaxed and have expressed a confidence in the knowledge they share.

Goodbye, good luck

This year we said goodbye to both Amy (Mr McKeon’s) long term nurse and Dana (newly qualified nurse). Both girls wanted to work within a different environment. So they have had a slight change of career path and moved on to work at Luton & Dunstable Hospital Oral Surgery department.
We now have two new members of staff who you may have already had the pleasure of meeting. Faye and Jess are qualified and experienced dental nurses with extended duties in radiograph (x-ray) and impression taking. They have fitted well into their roles and take this position very seriously with some odd bouts of laughter from their wicked sense of humour.

Staff Christmas Party

This year all the staff had a special treat when we were invited to Ashridge House for the annual Christmas party. Although we always had a lot of fun and had some fabulous experiences at several different venues, this was described as one of the best. . We would like to thank Mrs McKeon for choosing this for us and hope that we may get an opportunity to thank her personally, as she had to make a slight change to her arrangements at the last minute.

Anyway here are a few photos of everyone
Around the tree – Karen, Tracey, Emma, Kelly, Mr McKeon, Faye, Dana, Nicky

Pre-party drinks and photos

Tina, one of our hygienists joined us at Ashridge House

New Year Offers for 2017

Book a Free teeth whitening consultation in January or February 2017 worth £35.

  • Consultation normally £35
  • Pre-whitening clean using ultrasonic cleaner
  • Teeth whitening course £250

Or why not treat yourself or a loved one to teeth whitening in the New Year was £250.00 plus £35.00 for consultation

We are offering…….

  • A free full mouth and teeth examination and treatment planning
  • Full teeth clean and descale using the ultrasonic scaler to remove any tartar (Hard deposits), any staining removed and teeth polished ready for whitening
  • Upper and lower impressions for bespoke whitening trays
  • A week later your trays will be tried in for fit, full instructions and 10 x whitening gels will be provided
  • After 14 days you will be reviewed to check progress…

The main benefit of home whitening procedure is that you are in complete control of your time and results you want to achieve. If you run out of whitening gel and want to top up anytime then you can purchase additional whitening gel at the reception.

Or book a consultation and received a £50 voucher towards facial aesthetics to include Botox or ‘Restylane’™

  • Consultation normally £50

You may or may not be aware that we do more than dentistry at Friars Walk. One of our practitioners is qualified to offer facial treatments like Botox and Restylane™.

  • What’s included? – Voucher worth £50 that can be used within the next 3/12 off any facial aesthetics treatment, including Botox, Azzalure, Restylane and Restylane Lip

For more detailed information on the treatments we offer why not read our ‘facial treatment page… ‘

Direct access for to see our Hygienist

Even If you are not a regular patient of the practice you can still benefit from a direct access visit to our hygienist. You won’t need to see a dentist… Just contact us and we will endeavour to accommodate your wishes. Why not start the New Year with a new approach to health, by booking a visit with our hygienist you can start with a fresh mouth and a future of better health.

Just contact us on 0158 2638 908 and speak to Sarah for details.


The last thing you would ever wish for in the Christmas holidays would be tooth pain or a broken tooth. Hopefully it will never happen but in the event of this I would like to give a little advice and reassurance.
If you start to suffer with dental pain, either a dull ache or intermittent sharp pain, the best advice would be to contact the surgery as soon as possible. They will either arrange to see you promptly or give advice on medication. If the surgery is closed (Christmas day) for example – Listen carefully to the dentist answerphone message for opening times and check the website for emergency arrangements. Take either a Paracetamol or in the case of a sharp pain an anti-inflammatory, such as Ibuprofen or Nurofen, something you would normally take if you experienced a headache. Keep a diary note of the type of pain you experience and how many hours relief between tablets. Ensure you take the medication as directed and do not be tempted to take more than the recommend dose.

We would like to think that none of you will ever experience unmanaged dental problems especially if you are regular visitors.  Sometimes it can be out or of our control if a tooth breaks or a filling is lost so take care when enjoying those Christmas nuts and treats of chocolate and sweet things. Hopefully you may never have the need for this but our Christmas and New Year hours are as follows:

  • Friday 23rd December – (emergency only) 09.00 – 17.00
  • Christmas Eve Closed
  • Christmas Day Closed
  • Monday 26th December (Bank holiday) Closed
  • Tuesday 27th December – (Bank Holiday) Closed
  • Wednesday 28th December – Emergency cover only 09.00 – 17.00
  • Thursday 29th December – Emergency cover only 09.00 – 17.00
  • Friday 30th December – Emergency cover only 09.00 – 17.00
  • Saturday 31st December (New Year’s Eve) Closed
  • Monday 2nd January (Bank Holiday) Closed
  • Tuesday 3rd January (Emergency cover only) 09.00 – 17.00
  • Wednesday 4th January (Emergency cover only) 09.00 – 17.00
  • Tuesday 5th January (Normal hours) 09.00 – 17.00

We look forward to seeing you in the New Year – Have a great Christmas one and all!