Invisible Orthodontics at Friars Walk

Invisible Orthodontics at Friars Walk

Invisible orthodontics can be used to improve your smile. Whether you have crowded, crooked or spaces in your teeth, invisible orthodontics can correct this in a way that does not involve the traditional metal brackets.

After an initial FREE consultation, all treatment options will be discussed. Impressions are taken of your teeth, and plaster moulds are made. These plaster moulds of your teeth are studied and a your personal treatment plan is decided based on this.  Mr McKeon, our on site orthodontist will then provide the most suitable type of appliance for your treatment case.

Excellent choice for adults

The treatment for invisible orthodontics involves fitting you with a series of clear bespoke aligners. These are fitted at intervals and adapted to encourage movement of the teeth. Because the appliance is clear and comfortable you are be able to wear them throughout the day and night without interference of your everyday life. This is why this treatment can be an excellent choice for adults who don’t want to be seen wearing traditional brackets.


Length of treatment

The length of the treatment varies and is dependent on the degree of movement required. On average treatment can be anything between 12-18 months.

When movement has been achieved and you are satisfied with the final result. It will involve you wearing what we call a ‘retainer’ to ensure stability. Again this will be in the form of a removable transparent tray.

Added bonus

At the end of the treatment there is the added bonus that your final trays can be used for home whitening. All you would need is the whitening gel and you will be able to enhance your smile not only with your perfectly straight teeth;  but with brighter, whiter straight teeth. Just ask for details at your FREE consultation appointment.

How much does invisible orthodontics Cost?

The initial FREE consultation visit will determine your requirements and suitability.  You will be given a full treatment plan and estimate for cost of  your treatment before agreeing to go ahead with the second consultation.

Treatment price starts from £150 for full assessment, treatment plan and impressions for study models, each aligner is priced at £180.00. You will be given an individual estimate for treatment based on the number of aligners your treatment requires.

An affordable payment plan can be arranged for you online using our Medenta Finance option.

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