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For many years now if you need to have a crown, it would take several visits to the dentist and quite often take several weeks, with the inconvenience of temporary crowns in-between your first visit and the final fitting.

All this has now changed as Friars Walk Dental Practice have invested in the Cerec state of the art in-practice cad-cam same day crown system.

Traditionally the crown was made by an outside dental laboratory, which meant that impressions had to be taken in the dental practice, which were then sent to the laboratory and the crown made by the technicians.

As you can imagine this was a time consuming and expensive process, leaving you the patient waiting for your crown to be made. This has all changed with the introduction of the Cerec same day crown system here at Friars Walk Dental Practice.

Now we simply scan the tooth and area of the mouth where the crown is to be fitted, feed the information into the Cerec computer and the rest is done by this new technology. We can literally create and fit your dental same day crown in one sitting. Which is a massive improvement on the alternative.

With Cerec same day crown technology in the practice, not only can we produce crown in one day for you, but we can also produce veneers and onlays too, again saving you a great deal of time frustration.


So if you would like a same day crown, call us on the number below and we can fit your crown on the same day as your first appointment.

For Cerec Same Day Crowns 0158 2638 908
Any questions? e-mail us at enquiries@friarswalkdentalpractice.co.uk

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