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It’s not only dentistry that we do. Well of course it is an area we consider ourselves to be highly qualified and experienced in. It is true to say that your teeth are often a give-away to your age. A full set of natural looking teeth that are a just a shade whiter and in good condition In combination with a selection of treatments to improve your facial appearance as well will keep everyone guessing. We all want to look our best whatever our age so here’s a clue to how the celebrities manage to achieve this.

We can provide you with the following treatment using – anti-wrinkle injections, these injections weaken the muscles prevents the muscles from consistent repetitive contraction. By relaxing the contraction of the muscle movement the skin gradually falls into the indented area and appears flatter. The lines do not reappear until after a period of time when the message to the muscles is gradually reinvented and the muscles start to work again. This time span can be anything from 3-4 months depending on the area, muscle type and the dosage administered. Effective use of anti-wrinkle injections should not therefore result in paralysis but relaxation and softening of muscle movement, giving a more balanced appearance to the facial expression. That’s why it is always important to ensure that the surgeon you use has extensive training in facial anatomy. There is an art to injecting anti-wrinkle injections.

Miss Qayum or Adeela as you may know her has had extensive training in the injecting of facial treatments. She qualified as a dentist in 1994 and completed her facial aesthetics course in 2006 after which Miss Qayum did an advanced facial aesthetics course in 2007. She has many successful and happy patients who are completely confident in her experience. For your reassurance Miss Qayum has full medical protection insurance in all aspects of her scope.

How is it done?

When administering fillers the procedure involves measuring and marking a pattern of points on your face. This is an individual set of points related to your anatomical muscle position. The points are used as an accurate guide to administering the product. This is done through a fine tipped syringe with a measured quantity of the product. Usually this will be no more than 0.5ml to 0.15 ml.

The sensation is likened to a tiny sting which lasts seconds. Depending on the number of areas being treated it can take anything from 20 to 30 minutes.

What results can I expect?

The final results will not be immediate and you may experience a little bruising in the direct area.

Results will generally be more apparent after 4-5 days and improve again after 7-10 days.

It is not a face lift. Although it is very effective method of lifting the upper portion of the face giving your brows more definition, opening the orbital area as well as lifting and reducing eyelid overhang. Sometimes it may require a further treatment to determine the exact results. It is generally a rule that less is more on first treatment as this can be adapted at further treatments.

What areas can be treated?

Most popular areas to be treated are the Procerus (front of face vertical frown lines) this area has muscles that contribute to frowning and often can make us look angry even when we are not. Also common areas to treat are the corrugators and frontalis (above eyebrows & forehead) and the orbiculis oculi (crows feet). This combination of areas will always give the best results. Gradually treating areas to gain the most effective and natural appearance without over treating.

We recently tried a method of reducing jowls and this is also surprisingly effective but may require some adaption to the position of treatment to get the required results for individuals.

What does it cost?

Consultation is normally £50.00. However, the consultation fee will be waived on uptake of treatment. A consultation will involve a full medical history and assessment of treatment requirements.

Treatments start at: - Areas to be treated -
Procerus (between eyes ) £150.00
Corrugators (above eyebrows) £175.00
Orbiculis Oculi (Crows feet) £175.00 (each side)
Frontalis (forehead to include corrugators) £275.00
Combined treatments – The best results can be achieved by a combination of treatment.

Additional to this you will also receive a discount voucher giving you 10 % off any top up treatment.

What other facial treatments are available?

We also offer a treatment for line-infil. Using a method that injects a small proportion of Hylauronic Acid into a line or furrow causing the line to immediately lifted and stretch reducing its appearance. After gentle massage any lines are softened and diminish.

This treatment is most suitable for areas around the sides of the nose to the mouth (naso labial folds) or (marionette lines) at side of mouth to jowls. Lips can also be enhanced around the lip line, plumped and defined. To ensure that the treatment to lips is done with the least discomfort a small injection is given in the mouth to numb. No worse than having a small filling.

For the best results it would be recommended to use a combination of different treatment methods.

We use a variety of different products that are used around and above the brow line and around the outside orbital area. In fill gels are best used to soften any folds or deeper lines on the lower face, plump lips and define cheeks.

For your comfort we can provide a skin numbing cream or local anaesthetic (injection in mouth only) for areas like lips and outer lips. For more details either contact us, or book online on this website for a consultation (deposit required)

Any questions? e-mail us at enquiries@friarswalkdentalpractice.co.uk

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