Laser Dentistry

Here at Friars Walk Dental Practice we like to keep right up to date with the latest in dental hi-tech and our latest acquisition is the Waterlase Tissue Laser which, to coin a phrase is quite literally at the cutting edge of technology, because in many cases it can replace the drill with a laser light.

So if you are one of those people who don't like the sound of the dreaded dentist's drill, ask about our Waterlase as an alternative.

But it doesn't just stop there, the brand new Waterlase system we've had installed at Friars Walk Dental Practice can do amazing things for patients with advanced periodontal disease. It can actually turn back the clock and repair damage caused by the disease, with little or no pain or irritation.

The benefits of the Waterlase system are as follows:

Waterlase is virtually painless. Waterlase doesn't produce any heat or vibration which are the most common causes of pain. Many procedures can be carried out without any requirement for anaesthetic (no injections).

With Waterlase we can work more accurately than with traditional hand pieces. Waterlase is able to remove the hardest surfaces, leaving the surrounding areas unaffected.

Standard drills can cause trauma including hairline cracks.
There is virtually no swelling or bleeding after treatment with Waterlase.

Since there is little or no need for anaesthetics, we can carry out much more treatment at a time, meaning less visits to the dentist.

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