Newsletter Spring 2015

What’s been happening at the practice so far this year?
I know we are only just into the New Year, but we are already getting our teeth into dental courses to help meet our CPD’s (Continued Professional Development).The General Dental Council requires qualified and registered dental nurses to complete a minimum of 150 hours CPD over a 5 year period.
ThereforeNicky, Emma, Tracey and Amy travelled into London for the day to attend Professional Dentistry 2015 conference at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in Hammersmith for five lectures over 7 hours, so pretty full on.

The lectures included Infection Control, one of the core CPD areas and one that has to be taken very seriously in our profession. The course updated us on any changes that we need to implement into the practice. We are pleased to say that nothing has changed since March 2013 but we learnt about any new potential risks and new directives for dealing with specific diseases e.g. Ebola. Not expecting any cases here but worth understanding how to recognize symptoms. Basically keeping us ahead of what’s changed and what’s new.

The next lecture was ‘The Management of Medical Emergencies’. Basically this underpinned our existing knowledge on how to recognise the symptoms and treat medical emergencies that may occur in the dental practice or outside for that matter. Fortunately for us this training is something we have done annually in the practice combined with our CPR and defibrillator training.We were given some simple but useful tips to help us ensure we react quickly, efficiently and with confidence. A lesson for us all, even our non-clinical staff. This way we will always be prepared, so you know you are all in good hands!

The next one covered management of complaints and although we hope we are doing things right and rarely, if ever, receive complaints. We are always listening to our patients and prepared to make relevant changes where necessary. We never wish to be complacent and acknowledge and manage complaints with understanding and empathy.
A follow up of Legal and Ethics duties again underpinned our duty of care to patients and how to put their interest first. Maintain, develop and work within our professional knowledge and skills.Communicate, protect information,and raise concern if patients are at risk, with clear and definite procedures in place to instill confidence in our professionalism.

The next lecture was very important and as part ofyour routine dental examination we always check for anything unusual inside or outside the mouth. Oral cancer is on the rise anda routine dental examination is not just to check your teeth and fillings it also involves checking for healthy tissues and tongue, with no changes. If you have any concerns, an ulcer that is not healing, lump or raised area then don’t hesitate to visit us. Early detection is the key.

Finally we finished on radiography and radiation protection – not a favourite subject as it can be very technical and after several hours of listening it was probably a mistake to leave it till last. However, there are rules and we can assure you that we are meeting all the criteria. We are fortunate to have digital imaging at the practice so radiation dose is minimal and X-rays are only taken when necessary to assist us in making a diagnosis and planning your treatment. An informative and useful course enjoyed by all. We hope that this reassures you that we do take our professionalism seriously.

I am sure you will appreciate that after a long day we all earned a free cocktail.

#aftercoursedrinkies is a must.

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