Here is what our patients think of their experience at Friars Walk Dental Practice.

Patient Testimonial on General Dentistry
I cannot speak too highly of Friars Walk Dental Practice.

I was living in France and in spite of regular dental care I found that I was having more and more problems with my teeth and gums. In spite of having a surgery with similar equipage to Apollo 14 the dentist expressed defeat as he apparently didn't have the experience to find the cause.

I returned to the UK and my local NHS dentist appeared to encounter the same problems and referred me to a dental hospital in Bedford for laser treatment.

After some months the problems were so severe I gave up waiting for the hospital, which would have meant frequent and expensive treatment 20 miles away, and looked for a dentist who performed laser surgery locally.

I was recommended Friars Walk Dental Practice, contacted them, and was offered a free consultation. Mr McKeon expressed an opinion that while, as I knew, the situation was bad he was reasonably optimistic that it wasn't irreversible. Not being a millionaire, leaving the security of the NHS, and having to pay for private, very skilled, treatment gave me a few sleepless nights.

I need not have worried. I couldn't have received better, caring treatment - the patient came before the cost, Mr McKeon should have got a George Medal for perseverance. I really think it has cost less than the NHS and all the staff were proficient and friendly. AND I AM CURED!

Andrew Nye 2014

Patient Testimonial on General Dentistry
The staff at Friars Walk have been looking after me and my children for some years and I wonder why I haven't thought to write this before now.

We are always treated with professionalism, care, courtesy and respect by every member of their team. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the practice to anyone.

We are often quick to complain, but I'd like sing the praises of everyone at Friars Walk - thank you for looking after us so well.

The Wicks Family 2014

Patient Testimonial on Laser treatment using Waterlase iPlus & Ezlase
I thought I would write to you following my recent laser gum surgery.

As you know I had a deep pocketing next to my front tooth and the gum had become unattached. There was a strong likelihood that I would lose the tooth.

There was very little discomfort during the treatment and no further discomfort in the following days.

The outcome of the treatment has been better than I could have hoped. The gum has reattached to the tooth resulting in decreased pocketing and the tooth is firmer. This has effectively stopped me losing the tooth.

I would like to express my thanks for all your care and help with recommending and performing this treatment.

J. McCulloch 2013

Patient Testimonial – Laser treatment using ‘Waterlase iPlus’
‘I had abcess after abcess and root canal did not work, so I was advised to have an apicectomy *. I was so nervous about having this treatment so Mr McKeon recommended I had it done by Laser under sedation and said that I wouldn’t feel a thing. He was absolutely right!’

I had a little tenderness for a few days after, nothing severe and then absolutely fine. It’s the first time it has felt this good in about a year and I have healed really quickly with no scarring and must say that I actually feel healthier since having this done. Excellent result and I would recommend having it done by Laser.

* Surgical procedure involving making an incision above the root of offending tooth, clearing any infection, removing the tip of the root and refilling at the base.

L. Roberts – March 2013

Apicectomy (root canal treatment)
‘ I previously had an ‘apicectomy’ by the conventional surgery method, it was painful, a worse experience than I had expected and the after healing was a long time. I was taking several pain killers because it was very uncomfortable.

After continuous pain, it was recommended by another dentist that the ‘apicectomy’ needed redoing I was completely put me off and I did not want to go ahead. I was reassured that it would be done under laser and that it would be a lot less invasive this way.

Well! the treatment was fine, it did not feel intense, more gentle and the healing was the best part. Basically I only took 2 pain killers and did not experience any real pain or discomfort afterwards

Overall I am amazed at the speed of the healing after my previous experience. If I was ever told it may be needed again on another tooth I would not hesitate or be worried. I certainly would recommend Laser for this treatment. I even had aftercare healing using a different laser and it certainly helped. My dentist said the tooth is improving every visit.’

Kind regards

T. Griffiths April 2013

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